Relief organisation Pro Beatrice


Fundraisings to relieve hunger and hardship have a long tradition with our association. Since our existence a large number of relief and development projects have been supported.


Between 2009 and April 2016 our association, through the relief organisation Hilfswerk PB, has passed on more than 3.66 million Swiss Francs to selected institutions and aid projects.

On the one hand, the donations were used to relieve hardship and, on the other hand, to improve long term the living conditions of the poorest in this world. Apart from the regular support of selected aid projects the relief organisation Hilfswerk PB also solicits special donations in the event of a sudden catastrophe.

Principles for the selection of projects

Help for the poorest

Donations are specifically used to support projects in the poorest regions of the world. By the “poorest” we consider children in particular and the needy who are not taken care of by anyone else.

Help for self-help

The selected projects are planned and carried out on the basis of “help for self-help” in cooperation with the local population.

Personal commitment

Local projects of clear objectives will be selected. They are managed and controlled by their founders or their successors. Their personal and dedicated commitment on site insures that the entrusted donations are used responsibly.

Use of donations

The selected relief organisations are expected to use as little of the monies donated as possible on administrative costs. Annual reports must document the actual use of the donated funds.


We prefer to support the selected local projects over a long period in order to enable the responsible people to plan for the future development of their work. To sustain the improvements in living conditions, projects should cover various areas, such as health care, education and job creation.

After the absorption of Pro Beatrice into the association GL Zürich at Pentecost 2016 the relief organisation “Hilfswerk Pro Beatrice” changed its name to “Hilfswerk GL Zürich”. Nevertheless, the principles for the selection of the projects as well as the supported projects themselves remain unchanged (see relief organisation GL Zürich).