Payments 2015

A total of CHF 735'300.– were paid to the following eight relief institutions:

CHF 275'300.–

Kantha Bopha Children's Hospitals, 
Dr. med. Beat Richner, Cambodia

CHF 132'000.–

Médecins Sans Frontières and Swiss Red Cross (SRK), Syria/Irak

CHF 95'000.–

Swiss Red Cross (SRK), Earthquake Nepal

CHF 87'000.–

Kiran Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Children & Youngsters with Different Abilities, Varanasi, India

CHF 48'000.–

Selam Children’s Village, children's homes and education centers, Ethiopia

CHF 43'000.–

Verein Bündner Partnerschaft Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti

CHF 32'000.–

Association Rhein Valley Hospital, hospital for the poor population of Kasambara-Gilgil, Kenya

CHF 23'000.–

Foundation Lotti Latrous, clinic, hospital and orphanage, Ivory Coast